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The Bechtel International Center's Office of Global Scholarships – formerly known as the Overseas Resource Center – empowers Stanford students to pursue educational, experiential and research opportunities abroad.

We help current Stanford undergraduates and graduate students, and recent alumni match their interests to global scholarships opportunities, and support them through the application and interview process. 

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Benjamin Przybocki Awarded Churchill Scholarship

Ben Przybocki, a senior,  is majoring in mathematics with honors (CS theory and discrete math subplan) and minoring in philosophy. At the University of Cambridge, he will pursue an MPhil in advanced computer science.

Jenny Shi Awarded Churchill Scholarship

Jenny Shi, a senior, is majoring in chemistry and minoring in computer science. At the University of Cambridge, she will pursue an MPhil in biological sciences, working in the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology. 

Bechtel International Center building

Bechtel International Center

The Office of Global Scholarships is part of the Bechtel International Center, which supports Stanford's 8,000 international students and scholars promotes global understanding through a variety of programmatic services to the university community. 

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Stanford Scholarship Winners Around the Globe

View the map to see where in the world scholarship opportunities have taken our recent Stanford students, post-docs and alumni winners.

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