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Rhodes & Marshall Overview

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The Rhodes  & Marshall Scholarships and How to Become an Applicant

The Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships have excellent websites that can help you decide whether these are the right scholarships for you. International students who are interested in the Rhodes can consult the website for international applicants. Should I Apply can help in this decision-making process. 

Students interested in applying for the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarship must receive a campus endorsement. Here is an overview of the Scholarships and the Stanford Application Process.



How to Become an Applicant

There are two ways in which a Stanford student may be considered for the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships:

  1. A faculty member refers a student to the Office of Global Scholarships and the Office will then reach out to the student to invite the student to apply. 
  2. The student will self-identify, but be required to meet the minimum requirements of the Rhodes and Marshall and request that a faculty member write a reference to the Office of Global Scholarships.

For questions about the Rhodes and Marshall, please reach out to

Rhodes & Marshall


Review the Rhodes & Marshall scholarship timeline. 

Rhodes & Marshall


Review the Rhodes & Marshall interview process. 

Rhodes & Marshall


Review the Rhodes & Marshall recommendations process.